Monday, February 28, 2011

Menopause meets Puberty and other scary stories...

My home has never been a calm and peaceful one, but it has also never been quite the emotional roller coaster it is right now. My youngest, and up to now, sweetest little girl is 12. I, her esteemed and used-to-be patient mother, have hit the dramatic ebb and flow of teendom and menopausedom. We rock and roll to the tune of tears, fears and leers. We love each other madly and we are almost certainly the two most difficult women to live with right now. God help the two men in our lives (my partner and her brother, my son). They have taken to drinking and watching a lot of sports then running to their respective corners to hide.
Who can blame them?
Since her birth, I have known that this day would come. I just had no idea how trying it would really be. I am constantly feeling exhausted, sad, questioned, disrespected, criticized and all-around trod upon. She, in-turn, feels like she can do no right, unappreciated and deliriously grateful and happy.
It's a barrel of laughs.
Luckily I still adore/tolerate the sweet young lady and she loves me, hates me, loves me, hates me, loves me...I have lost track.
I keep telling myself the famous last words:
This too shall pass!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Kitchen Dance

         By Lisa for Robin
We step-ball-chain
around each corner
exchanging positions
swishing and swaying
sashaying to
music, that no one hears
but us.
We don’t care.
The beat drives us
through the perfect motions
tension and ease
necessary grooves
spices, flavors with wine
into a meal
fit for only the blessed
prepared by hands
and souls
linked in the harmonious
joy of the
kitchen dance.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Children grow up, puppies stay little

This week I followed a somewhat crazy instinct and got a new puppy. My smallest child is growing up, and she doesn't like it when I want to hold her in my lap and cuddle her close. She really hates it when I want her to wear little girl clothes and walk holding her hand. I hear some day she'll let me hold her hand again...I can't wait. So crazy as it may seem, I went and got myself a lap dog puppy, a Maltese to be specific. Darby weighs maybe a pound or so right now and full grown will be about the size my children were at birth. He goes everywhere with me, and cries for me when he can see me but not get to me. He sleeps cuddled in my arms and loves me unconditionally... all this in just a week... WOW.