Thursday, February 16, 2012


I was wrong, I was wrong, I was wrong, I was wrong. About 3 months ago, Nancy, my business partner attempted to talk me into hiring someone to help us with property management. I fought this idea. It felt like a loss of control, God forbid..., but Nancy persevered and finally, I agreed to give it a go. Enter Jim. Jim has agreed to work with us on bookkeeping and maintenance and other tasks to make our lives easier.

Jim is, and I mean this, the best thing that has happened to my life in a while. He is organized and efficient and smart and best of all, he explains male mentality to me on a regular basis. I have more energy, I'm smiling, I'm dressing nicer and I am busier than ever. So Nancy, I was WRONG!!! And Jim, YOU ROCK and for that matter, so does Nancy!

I have even planned a second vacation this year...

And with this new help, my brokerage business has picked up. I sense the economy turning in a positive direction.
Happy, happy, joy, joy.

So today, I stopped for lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant, Ramirez in Tumwater and wrote this blog. Gotta love it! Happy 2012 everyone.