Monday, December 12, 2011

The Time has come for change

Wow even as I wrote that I thought it sounded seriously heavy, but it's true, and not in a light or heavy way, just in a solidly spot on sort of way. What do I mean?
1. Well this blog has served its "I'm turning 50" purpose as I'm now 51, so it must change.
2. I have put on some serious weight, so my diet and exercise must change.
3. Since starting my business in real estate, I always looked at myself as primarily a commercial agent, but I am finding that I now sell as many houses as I do commercial properties and I've been doing property management for 5ish years now, so my image of myself as a one-trick pony must also change.
4. My daughter is entering her teen years this month, so my parenting must change, and my son is graduating from college this year, so I suspect my relationship with him is about to change as well.
So if I'm going to keep using this blog, which I would like to do, I think, as with my real estate business, I want to just broaden it.
Not just a one-trick blog, but allow for maybe some cooking or book recommendations or info about animal care, or real estate insights, or observations on parenting, entrepreneurship, exercise or ok, so I'm so full of it... I've kind of been doing that all along. But this morning as I write, I'm in a weirdly contemplative mood, and maybe it's the new year coming, but I'm feeling imminent change.
I guess I'm here ready to embrace it and allow for the dreaded growth.
So whatever I'm feeling.... bring it. I can handle it. Small but mighty as my daughter likes to say.