Sunday, April 13, 2014

30-Day Balance Challenge

I keep seeing 30-day challenges all over the Internet, so I decided to take my latest mission in life (to help folks learn the importance of balance as their bodies age) and create my own 30-day balance challenge.
Why Balance?
According to the World Health Organization, falling is the 2nd leading cause of death. As people age, it becomes the LEADING cause of death. Not heart disease, not cancer, but falling down. When a person starts to fall they have under a tenth of a second to catch themselves. Once that's over, it's over.
Not only does falling lead as a cause of death, but it is also the major cause of injury in people of all ages.
So join me as I stand on one foot.
I designed this progressively more challenging exercise with options for poses to try, however, I want to stress that the most important thing with this and all exercise is to begin where you are and to be safe. So if that means you have a chair or the wall nearby to lean on if you need, please do it.
Also remember, as I tell my Yoga students, this is not a competition...