Friday, June 11, 2010

Dude looks like a lady

My little sister, and I use the term loosely (she towers over me), is obsessed with the idea that as we age, we begin to look more like men.
She calls it "Lady looks like a dude." She has always, always, ALWAYS been the funny one.

I love her so much, and as we have grown older, in spite of our childhood competition and various spats, she remains now and always the person with whom I will grow old. We call it "Blue hair and shoes."

She used to work at a shoe store and she would delight in these little old ladies with blue rinsed hair shopping together. So we made a pact that that would be us. Men shmen, there would always be each other, blue hair and shoes.

Anyway, yesterday I sent her this email of all these sayings about how your friends grow more special and women need each other as we grow older. All true of course. But what does my sweet little sister write back? "The one in the middle toward the bottom LOOKS LIKE A DUDE."

I'm sitting a thousand miles away from her right now literally laughing out loud.

I love you Renee.

AND, I absolutely refuse to look like a dude. With all the science and hormones and advances, I will find a way to continue to be a Little Old LADY.

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