Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Can't Sleep

This is about the 7th night in a row that I have been unable to sleep, and I'm losing weight, and everything is fine. I am starting a new business... well three businesses in one.
First and foremost the name of the business is BREATHE.
But the funny thing is that ever since I took possession of the retail space, I haven't been able to breathe.
Life playing little tricks on me.
BREATHE will include a yoga/fitness studio (we are currently interested in talking to teachers), a small cafe/juice bar... (looking for vendors) and a retail clothing store specializing in comfy clothes for fitness and fun as well as some equipment for yoga and pilates and teas and other fun stuff to make your life more cozy and sweet.
So, now that I've written this blog, I'm going back to shopping for stuff and hoping that I get some sleep eventually again.

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