Friday, May 25, 2012

Weird and Delightful Side Effect

I rarely write two days in a row, but the strangest thing happened yesterday, and I wanted to share it.
I have this rare and bizarre eye condition... it is stress-related... big surprise. But the more stressed I am the worst the vision in my right eye. It has something to do with the way my body reacts to the stress.
So the other day, I was eating and reading and my left eye got something in it, so I shut it and rubbed and suddenly couldn't see clearly with my right eye... with my glasses on.
So I took off my glasses to see if they were dirty, and realized I could see without them.
Of course I started playing around trying to figure out what was going on, and realized that my glasses just weren't working right, so I went to the eye doctor. She told me that my vision in my right eye was about 3 times better than a three months ago.
Knowing this was stress related stuff, I asked if a daily meditation practice might be what was doing it. She lit up.
She told me that yes it could affect my physiology and that I seemed calmer and more centered in general to her.
Ironically, I am slammed busy. Dealing with issues and not really stress free. But I am making a practice of meditation daily.
And I truly believe it is helping me.
My doctor agrees.

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