Thursday, March 15, 2012

5 Rules

I have a wonderful, quirky, amazing friend.
I met him through business, but he, like most of my clients, has come to mean so much more to me.
I am not going to name him because I respect his privacy.
But the other day, he was in my office, and I mentioned someone who had treated me badly. He said, "Oh yes, Rule number 5."
I said, "What?"
He responded, "Rule number 5 -- Stay away from nasty people."
Later in the conversation he mentioned another "rule," so finally I asked about the rules. He offered to share all five with me, and they are so eloquent, simple and profound, that I will share them with you now:
Rule 1: Spend less than you earn.
Rule 2: Save the difference.
Rule 3: Outlast the bastards.
Rule 4: Live in the solution not the problem.
Rule 5: Stay away from nasty people.

Thank you, and you know who you are.

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