Friday, August 13, 2010


OK, so this year trudges on relentlessly toward my 50th birthday.
And I remain determined to not freak out and consciously look at how this makes me feel. So in this spirit I signed up for AARP. It appears you become eligible for the Association of Retired Persons or whatever it stands for when you are 49. Now, let's get this straight, I am no where near retirement, so this must be a relic of times gone by when people died at much younger ages and money flowed more freely into retirement funds.
Anyway, AARP gives you discounts and sends you advertising and newsletters on all things for senior citizens.
I don't feel like a senior citizen. I don't think I look much like a senior citizen, but nevertheless, I am eligible for discounts and stuff. Kind of ironic because I got carded buying alcohol not long ago. And I mean this literally, like in the last year not long ago.
Anyway, I no more want to get caught up in the I have to look young thing than I want to obsess about growing older. I am determined to happily live in the now... age 49 and 10/12s.
I like being eligible for discounts though.

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