Friday, April 2, 2010

Not sure what this year means

This year, October 29 to be exact, I turn 50. It truly seems like yesterday I was 20. I know everyone says that... ok so it must mean something then.
LIFE really IS short.
One day you're sneaking around behind your parents back trying to have some fun and the next you're trying to pay bills, trying to catch your own kids having fun, married or divorced and smack in it. A grown up.
This year I actually feel like one.
Yikes. I can't believe I had to get this old to feel like an adult.
So I chose this photo of myself in a bathing suit being randomly hot at 50 on a beach in Hawaii. (Which I later removed...) Why? because even though I know I sound and feel like a little old lady, I think this age is fabulous. I don't feel particularly old, but I can't get into some of the yoga poses I used to and running hurts me now, so is it time to work out more? or less?
LOL says more.
I love that LOL means laughing out loud AND little old lady.
I'm doing both right now as often as possible.
I started this blog because Paul said to, and I'm going to start putting my thoughts into it. I doubt anyone will really read it, I'm not even sure how people find blogs really, unless of course they're your friends.
But nevertheless. Tallyho, for me.


  1. HUA
    this is the chant of military men at the sound of a command. We listen to it, imitate it with much machismo, however we usually don't understand why we chant this.
    It really stands for Heard, Understood and Acknowledged=HUA.
    I say that to shout out a HUA to you. I hear what you are saying, understand the relationship issues and heartfelt meaningfulness of them and want to Acknowledge you as a wonderful and meaningful part of my life experience.
    Keep it simple and sweet.
    Your friend

  2. Oh and by the way I turned 53 on Saturday last and life is good